Growing up, Zoul’tis moved to many cites, seven states to be exact, before the age of 18. All this moving around gave her many opportunities and experiences that she now channels into her music. When her music career first began, she started off with the name “Stoney Soul,” but as she continued to evolve and develop her sound, she made the transition to Zoul’tis. The meaning behind the name comes from her fascination with astronomy—the summer and winter solstice—and combining elements from her first artist name. With soul being spelt “zoul,” she created Zoul’tis, which in turn means rarity.

Zoul’tis started her career in the entertainment industry when she went to college and received a B.A. in Film and Media, and a minor in Creative Writing. She’s always had a love for music and decided to go to a songwriting bootcamp. That in turn allowed her to make the connections to solicit voice lessons from producer J. Reid, who helped her realize she wanted to pursue music as an artist rather than limiting herself to being in the background. She started off singing, however, she is now focusing on transitioning to more of a rap-sing flow. Zoul’tis values the craft of music production, by wanting to be included in every step of her musical journey; and she writes all of her music, which most tends to be written in the car.

All her music is based on experiences she’s had in her life. Her upcoming single “Get On” focuses on the notion of how some people tend to sell themselves to get on in the music industry. She recently shot the music video in LA and it’s in the works for an October 15th release date. At one point in her career, Zoul’tis had experienced a situation that made her doubt the validity of her talent and the ability to succeed in life. She realized that certain people would attempt to take advantage of those trying to chase their dreams, in order to benefit themselves. This experience halted her music endeavors for a year and a half and discouraged her from being an artist. However, everything in the universe started lining up, thus allowing her to keep pursuing her goals.

Beyond music, Zoul’tis is a licensed esthetician, and is interested in opening a medical spa to allow people to feel beautiful from the outside in. Zoul’tis is grounded in her desires to make every second in her life count, because nothing is promised. With hard work, drive, and devotion, she refuses to allow anyone, or anything to discourage her from accomplishing her dreams.